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Discussion in 'Options' started by Riesgo2002, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. I am planning on purchasing an options book.. I have a basic knowledge of most of the concepts and strategies.. I just need to master them..:D

    I am deciding between

    Mcmillan's "Options as a Strategic Investment" 4th edition


    Natenberg's "Option Volatility & Pricing: Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques"

    If anyone has an opinion of either please post..

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    If you're going to purchase the McMillan book I'd suggest "McMillan on Options" rather than "Options as a Strategic Investment." The former offers more on how to utilize specific techniques where as the latter is more general.
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    They're both pretty much exactly the same, both good books. Flip a coin.
  5. The three options books which you MUST own (IMHO) are:

    1. _OSI_, McMillan
    2. _Option Volatility and Pricing..._, Natenberg
    3. _Options: Perception and Deception, Cottle (currently out of print but available through www.thinkorswim as _Coulda Woulda Shoulda_).

    (_McMillan on Options_ is useful for the trading stories he gives, but I'm not sure that his stuff on put-call ratios or options having out of the ordinary open interest is very relevant).

    I wouldn't waste my time with anything else that I'm aware of (and I've looked at a lot of options trading books). (BTW stay away from Fontanills -- there's not much meat to his books and all his examples show winning trades -- he'll only give you a false sense of confidence.)
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    I don't trade options but i got a lot out of reading the vanilla part of 'Dynamic Hedging' by Nassim Taleb...
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    I have read both and prefer Natenberg. I will have to check out Cottle. He seems to be touted favorably on these boards.

    By the way, I doubt that you will master options just from reading a book. It is a continuous learning process. Maybe you should read both. I,too, dislike Fontanills.

    Good luck and happy trading.:cool:
  8. Thanks for the replies.. I am planning on both but I will start with Natenberg for now..

    Trade101.. :D I was being a little sarcastic..

    BTW I read Cottle's book, from glancing at the other books it seems his is from a truly different perspective.