The best wine, champagne, beer or mixed drink

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    I'm always in the pursuit of finding a new drink to enjoy.

    Post what your all-time favorite wine, champagne, beer, or mixed drink is. It could very well be something expensive, but it certainly doesn't have to be.

    I drink quite a bit of red wine and I love full-bodied Napa Cabs and Merlots. My all-time favorite red wine for the money without fail is 2007 Turnbull Merlot. It's only about $25 per bottle, but it packs some serious flavor for that amount of money.

    I recently started getting into Bourbon and ran across a brand called "Eagle Rare". Wow, what a damn good product that is. I was very impressed with it this past week. I'm sure there are other great ones out there so hook me up. :D

    In terms of beer, I like "Three Philosophers" a lot, which is made by Ommegang Brewery out of New York. But if I had to pick my all time favorite, it would by Chimay Reserve (Blue Label). I must admit that my taste buds have really fallen off the cliff recently for beer, so help me re-kindle the flame by posting something truly worthwhile.
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    I like Grinbergen beer its pretty popular and well known in europe not sure about US. If you into something more exotic and stronger worlds best beers comes from Trappist monks :) For wine my favourite is italian primitivo wines if you like merlot you might like primitivo too.
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    The Chimay beer I mentioned liking above is a Trappist brew :D
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    Unfortunately, due to a law suit by a Canadian brewery, it's not available in the eastern US.
  5. I recently received a gift of a bottle of George T. Stagg Kentucky bourbon... straight from the barrel... uncut, unfiltered. Each bottle is individually proofed... around 141. Genuine "Kentucky sippin' whisky".

    Special stuff!
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    Ever try Maker's Mark? Man, I love that stuff. On the discount side, I've always been a fan of Jim Beam.
  7. Crispy


    Newcastle Brown Ale for the beer side.

    Baiting Hollow Vineyards "Mirage" red combination. I live 1 mile from this vineyard. They also donate a portion of the revenues to horse rescue. -

    Lychee Martinis. The lychee is an asian fruit, with the looks of cod sperm/pigs the taste of heaven.

    Clearly im a drunk. But I wont even look at champagne..shivers...:eek: :D
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    If you like Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Buffalo Trace is good.

    I've recently started drinking some Pinot noir and mostly Chianti.
    But with wines my pallet isn't discernible enough to tell a $70 bottle from a $7 dollar bottle.
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    Im a bourbon fan also. Woodford Reserve is nice.

    Loving Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey lately also.
  10. Makers Mark is excellent for a mid-priced bourbon. They are also the maker for many "house label" bourbons in up-scale restaurants.

    George T. Stagg is a notch or two above Markers Mark.
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