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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if anybody out there trades a weekly system and how much they make in terms of %p.a.?

    Is it possible to make more than 30-40%p.a. trading a weekly system?

    I currently trade equities, but I like to keep an open mind towards other instruments. But forex and commodities require big money ($1m+) or huge leverage to trade profitably, I've been told.

    Any discussion would be much appreciated.

  2. why not? all depend on market
  3. Well it seems like all the champion traders tend to trade smaller timeframes.

    It could be a generalisation, but I haven't heard of weekly traders making incredible returns, but I hear it from daytraders all the time.

    Just wondering if it could be done and if it has been done using weekly systems.
  4. There are all depends on your purposes, your risk and amount of your money. Additionally, than more timeframe-than more a robustness of your method.
  5. KS96


    People keep asking this meaningless question...

    It's possible to make from -100% up to +x%,
    with x having no upper bound.
    It all depends on the features of your system
    and leverage.
  6. Ahem, since we appear to be adopting a formal approach in these matters, then -100% is not a valid lower bound. You can lose more than 100% in certain markets, especially with leverage.
  7. Leverage is implicit in some derivative instruments.
  8. I think that this not much well. You should do all yourself
  9. Don't believe all the BS people and daytraders in particular tell you about their awesome returns. Go look at the returns of the big trend following CTAs to get numbers matching your "weekly trading" idea. MAN GROUP AHL returned something like 14% annually since 1996 after fees. So that's approx. a 20% gross annual return over full market cycles trading the big liquid future contracts (stock indexes, bonds, currencies, energy, metals etc.) over medium term time frames. Maybe that helps answering your question.
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