The Best Way To Eliminate Terrorism

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  1. $10 OIL

    Bush administration policies have increased oil prices several fold...and high oil prices have been the biggest source of funds for terrorists..

    What needs to happen is for the administration to change its policies drastically in an all out assault to lower the price of oil...

    One timely step would be to engage FORD and GM to produce several million long range electric multi fuel hybrids...Toyota is already gearing up for over one million per annum by 2010...

    What will be the ticket are plug in hybrids that will basically eliminate car pollution in every major city...and in turn reduce global warming...

    A hard downward spiral in oil prices will make both Venezuela ...Iran...etc...wait in line at the IMF...

    Look...the Bush administration can redeem itself by changing now in a drastic way...This will help American workers...the environment...and significantly reduce terrorism and their financial backing....

    The US can ill afford playing out bad decisions...

    Time to go in the right direction....
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    Stirring speech... what office are you running for?
  3. Make it a law that everyone has to fly naked... no place to conceal weapons. :D
  4. Now that I'm in my forties I am no longer the musclebound stud I once was, Women do not want to see my gut and flab. What solution is there to this problem?
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    Eat right and exercise. As for the first post my question is whether the cars are the only source of oil consumpltion? How much of effect will hybrid cars have on oil prices? Would it be possible for mankind to give up oil consumption all together?
  6. show them your bank balance.

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  8. Lower oil cost is a pipe dream. The Arab/Muslim world will actually become more violent as their profits drop. They can't eat sand or drink oil, so what do you expect them to do if their one commodity is no longer needed? Imagine the entire Arab world as one giant Afganistan. There you have it.

  9. I guess they better learn how to play nice and start getting along with their neighbors then.
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    this guy is a major lib. I dont think he knows what he's talking about.

    To the socialist liberal poster: Give it 5 years and global warming will go the way of the dodo.
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