The best trading stock of our time: or CNIC

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  1. This thing trades on hype and hype alone and once it starts to run it has an amazing potential. Its just a trading stock and not an investment. Much like traders traded DLRQ on the pinksheets during the Delta bankruptcy days, they trade CNIC in the same way.

    I have banged my head against the wall wondering why this third rate search engine (the likes that cant even compete against the old search engine) trades so wildly.

    I just started using charts and have finally figured it out. Look at my chart and this should be self-explanatory.

    No one will ever forget the run this made from 6 dollars to 138 dollars during the tech boom...nor will they forget the run from 1 dollar to 18 dollars during the or from 1 dollar to 8. On each occasion and untold fortune could have been made...

    So here is the chart which demonstrates how certain stocks never come off of the old focus list.
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    i thought u wernt allowed to post anymore
  3. The chart above is the larger picture. The short term picture appears that the price is stuck in a triangle. I have confidence that it will go to 4 from here, but beyond that Im not certain what will happen next. Will it bounce off of the roof of the triangle and then head back down for a triple bottom? ...or will it zip through the triangle and go for the ultimate resistance (on the prophet chart) and go to an untold level where it will make us rich, very rich.

    Growth stocks, internet stocks, dot.coms are all on the rebound while certain other sectors are breaking down like value. I remember this switch out of value and into growth during the late 90s and the results were explosive if you were in at the right time (and out at the right time). The $RUJ has had a nice run, but its time for the $RUO to break out.

    If Mama can break through the roof then we are looking at an untold level. In this environment where the likes of BIDU, NILE, AMZN, RIMM, etc. are making these amazing runs, I feel strongly that Mama can make that run with us. So I believe it will hit 4, but then its time to trade out at that point and wait. If it goes above my roof, then its time to long, but if it goes lower and through the floor then 1 dollar is a certainty (in which time it will be time to buy once more).
  4. I wish...maybe when he takes his meds he'll shut up.
  5. Ha, didn't realize MAMA changed symbols (was wondering why I didn't see that ticker anymore...

    I wouldn't take the bait at $3.17 now after 15% runup last week. I say a dip below $3 or lower before I would buy it. Earnings play before 8/6 on this POS?
  6. I agree 100% that this is a POS. In fact, I see no reason why someone should use over say google or yahoo or even the old excite search engine. I have no idea how or why it has survived the last 7 or so years. I have no idea why it has made these unbelievable leaps.

    Does anyone really believe that is a superior search engine or has some type of advantage over others? The only reason to use it is to simply be different.
  7. When's the next pump and dump spike. POS is at $1.73 and is begging for it's next run. I remember the run last Fall form the level its at now to $8. Who's to say it won't happen again? NM, I need to go to sleep.
  8. Thats right!!! It will happen again, but you have to catch this thing at the right time when its in an uptrend. Right now, market conditions dictate that it should be in a downtrend. You have to love this stock where its up 800% at one moment and then down 800% the next. Priceless.
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    when it drops it cannot drop more than 100%.
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    are you kidding? MAMMA is a pos. stay away from stocks under 10 bucks.
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