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  1. I have been trading for 11 years. I have tried every platform, esignal,tradetstion,aspen,CQG,Bloomberg, you name it I have tried it.

    There is a platform I never see anyone talking about on this site and that’s Reuters QuoteCenter. It’s a scaled down version of Reuters Station, for $135.00 per month.

    I have used it for many years. It’s by far the best value for the money. The form displays are a feature you won’t find on most packages except Bloomberg. It’s one of my favorite features.

    They are pre built and can display data from every corner of the world. You just have to pay for it. I just use American data.

    Here is a snap shot of the form displays, they have the black background.
  2. Emerging markets form display.
  3. Quotes are all loaded for you, SP500,Nasdaq100,Dow30., time & sales is nice to no lag in the data.

    The only draw back is I can't have a 200 tick chart. Intraday minutes are set,1,5,10,15,30,60,240,D,W.
  4. If anyone would like to try Reuters QuoteCenter and get a special deal just email my friend Greg at

    Tell him John sent you and he will offer you some special pricing.
  5. Forex data is free, forgot that.
  6. jtnet


    looks like dog piss and is a rip off
  7. What do you use?
  8. Have you tried it? I can assure you it's the most accurate data out there.
  9. RickshawMan,

    I have QuoteCenter. In my opinion, the data is good quality. The program itself is a little outdated. It's rock-solid. Up 24/7/365 but they need a new updated version.

    The program would really kick ass if they were to introduce an API for the data. It wouldn't cost much & would add even more value to the package.

    I think they have it around as a datafeed option for their Equis product, otherwise they'd probably finish it off.

    These big companies are dumb & many times don't know how to serve the smaller client base.
  10. This is the analytics window, it's static and you have to refresh it. But you get alot of informantion. The form displays are streaming. If anyone is into fundamentals this program offers that.
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