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    Any one know or recommend the best trading psychology book/s of recent times written by a true super star trader or for a true super star trader's mind and thoughts along the same lines as Reminiscinces Of A Stock Operator ( This excludes Market Wizards series)

    The usual run of the mill stuff from likes of Van Tharps/Michael Douglas or some other so called Trading Psychology guru is not on my horizon.

    Thank You For Your Time.
  2. Michael?

    Seriously, why in a million years would you expect a master trader to also be capable of writing a useful book on trading psychology? Even being able to figure out what it is about themselves from within their own frame is asking too much I suspect.
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    I said written along the same lines as Reminiscinces Of A Stock Operator. The actual person that puts pen to paper is not the issue here please.
  4. Two books I thought were interesting but not trading related but trading applicable (depending on your style and how long you have been trading) are:

    The "Gift of Fear". This book explores gut instinct. For the times when you say to yourself "I knew it" but didn't act.

    The second book, is "Blink" this covers "first impressions" and how we arrive at them and their validity.

    Imo, when the bells and whistles go off and are telling you to buy sell or re act in anyway, trust yourself and these signals.

    I'm not saying to trade by the seat of your pants but there are times when numbers, news and fundamentals don't add up and you take the contrarian view.

    Edit: If I recall, in the book Blink there was a short story on the markets/traders.
  5. Michael Douglas? I'm pretty sure I've never come across any books written by Gordon Gekko :p

    PS You meant Mark Douglas of course

  6. Shagi


    Yeh thanks for the correction & all for your kind responses.

    The other issue is I'm not looking for books that will convert me to a Bhuddha priest or Ninja warrior or hypnotise myself or astrologer.
  7. cookding


    Every mind is Buddha in nature... you cannot convert into something you are not. You cannot un-Buddha it either.
  8. Get all 3 of Brett Steenbarger's books...his first two were excellent, and I'm reading his latest one now (The Daily Trading Coach).

    Reminiscences of a Stock Operator is a classic and a must-read!
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