The Best Trading Proverbs

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    It seems much of the best advice is found in proverbs such as trade with the trend.

    What other proverbs (or sayings) deserve recognition?
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    Cut losses short

    Let winners run
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  3. Don't confuse being right with making money.
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  4. Crispy


    We all get what we want out of the markets.
  5. Gotta be IN to win.
  6. 1) You didn't look hard enough. :(
    2) When emerging markets turn into submerging markets, be careful! :)
  7. I don't know who originally proposed this, but it's RIDICULOUS.. ASININE.

    If we all got "what we want out of the markets", we'd all be fabulously rich.
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  8. it's not's actually a derivative of "we get as much success from life that we think we deserve"
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    Ed Seykota?
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  10. Bob111


    everyone is a genius in a bull market
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