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    it is my first time to make a post here

    i really want to know which trading platform is the best even though i have made a search online. but there are so many trading platforms there.

    i need a platform for backed-testing, chart analysis and auto excution of my orders.
  2. I have used a couple of platforms, and a lot of them have similar functionality. Personnaly, I think esignal and tradestation stand out above the rest. I have only reviewed and not actually traded with esignal, but I do with tradestation. Considering your requirements of back testing I think this is an excellent platform (I don't say it's the best because I haven't tried all the others). But the possibilities of TS , that I haven't even figured out myself, of programming strategies, auto execution, back testing, seems to fit perfectly with TS. However, if you have a problem or need support from them (as a broker), forget it.


  3. It also depends on what you are trying to back test. If you just need one market then a lot of tools will do, but if you need to test intermarket relations, portfolios and use real portfolio money management then only a few are left over.
  4. If u are serious about backtesting dont forget trading recipies and the turtletradingsoftware packages.
  5. kiwi_trader,

    dont forget that Wealth-Lab is a windows software that has not only the same features as TR but also offer real time trading, charting ...! If you are serious you should take a look! :)
  6. I love it - it has autoexecution with IB, full programmable interface, quotes, charts - all.
    for a measly $650
  7. Amibroker is an excellent backtesting program for the money (<$200 one time charge), and user friendly. EOD date is free from Yahoo. You have to pay for intraday from a quote vendor.

    Tradestation will do all you need for $99/mo.
  8. Volker you might be right but the group of serious system traders that I knew to be using Trading Recipes were quite dismissive of wealthlab. Possibly those issues are fixed but I dont know if that is true. Any serious backtester should look at Recipes and the Turtletradingsoftware product.

    Disclaimer: I did all my bactesting with TS2k and Excel and do most of my trading with these products and SierraChart so I dont have first hand knowledge of the above products. BUT, some very smart people were complementary about them. :)
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    Wow. Trading Recipes is US$2K a pop. WL is $650. Guess that if you're just starting out, WL might be a better choice.

    PS: Still evaluating WL though.
  10. The group that you know are trying to sell the one or the other but nor WL. Just as much as I am connected to WL. My advantage is that I know WL, TR, TS. Excalibur, MS, SC, BackTrak, Behold!, ... so I know what I am talking about.

    I said it before, I welcome the group of traders "that you know" to participate in any discussion with me (on a forum of their choice) about the several products.

    There is always a difference in each product, but the argument for TR has always been that it is the "only commercially available portfolio trading software with dynamic money management" (taken from their web site). Well, take a look at WL and you will see that there is another, much cheaper and more modern, commercial tool.

    I am not denying that there are differences between all tools mentioned above, one is looking for tick b tick update of indicators, one is looking for a DOS software and so on. So if you are looking for DOS then WL is not the right one and never will be.

    I strongly support the concept of trading that TR and the Turtles are supporting and you can test and TRADE this concept with WLD3. Even better you can place your 100s of daily orders automatically. I just don't like this talk of the "group of traders" that belong to that "inner circle" who....!

    Here is the link to another "serious system trader" Click on "systems" and take a look at his REAL performance. I am also interested in looking at the real performance of that "group of serious system traders" so pass us a link or two. :)

    And finally, take a look at the new book from James Altucher.

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