The best trading platform?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Helgo, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. Helgo


    Hi. I am looking for the best trading platform for trading Forex mini account and some advice would be nice?
    Regards Helgo
  2. From the research I did earlier ...

    Try searching this site for comments, issues, etc. and look at the spreads on whatever currency pair you wish to trade. Alos, you probably want to do the demos on each - to learn the markets and to get a feel for the products.

    Hope this is helpful for a start.

  3. Helgo


    :) Thank you for the advice.
    Regards Helgo
  4. fxtrdr


    I Learned from stocks, brokers make you broke, trade with a Bank. At a fcm/brokerage firm besides them making up their own prices ,so the fact they have 3 pip spreads it does not matter , unlike stocks their is,NO MARKET, I am ex stk trdr . So spreads is a bad way to approach. you want best fills , at a place that won't literally move a market to take you out and you safety of funds.

    Also you want a non-market maker/broker.......a bank

    At a broker your money is with everyone elses so if they have 3 Million only the first 100k is insured , the only way is, if they open a totally segregated account for you, which they do not.
    Their is No SIPC like stocks, so FDIC is best bet in ypu own account.
    Play it safe and smart trade with those that invented forex and deposit your money in a bank acount to trade.
    They have mini's
  5. Three great FX brokers, but i wish they had mobile trading.
    Anyone have idea if you can trade with them wireless, when
    esignal offer remote mobile version released on early December?
  6. Investment towards yourself to learn to program.
  7. Peter35


    check this
    They offer online trading platform and there's no need to download any software.You can also access your trading platform from any computer.
  8. This is same as offered is
    Oanda will not be my choice because of
    less margin, no live support, no mobile
    trading, and no TA trade prediction...

    Other brokers mentioned are difinitly better
  9. i use GFT Forex.... they're developing mobile trading. I'm not sure if it's out yet.
  10. paulus


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