The BEST Trading BOOK !!!

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  1. Hello guys,

    i want to recommend the what i think BEST Trading Book ever.

    It is "Sun Zi (or Sun Tzu) - The Art of War".

    Everything you need to know for success in any kind of business, is described in his rules.

    Sun Tzu is the Master of all Masters, and nobody can ever reach him.

    He is the GOD of all strategiest.

    Anybody agree ??? or am i the only one smart guy who ve read his writtings and fell in love ???
  2. Bob111

    Bob111 are the one. father...please share your wisdom with us,the mortals..describe, how it's can be applied to the markets..examples from the past are fine..explain today's action and how did you profit from it using that book

    Thank you!
  3. hey stay calm,

    i am not the father, its Sun Tzu who is the godfather of the universe.
    And he will fuck your ass if you do not respect him. (just kidding)

    Yes, maybe i will post some of his stuff, i first have to transfer it to english i only have it in german.

    Did you read his book ??? Or dont you know, what i am talking about ???:)
  4. well, its generelly of all the important aspects of business success, and you can transfer this rules or laws to any kind of business.

    It s about how to wining wars, in every situation, what else would be better for trading. Trading is like war, there are always the %$"(% Risk that wants to defeat you.

    Generally, how to bring your self in the best situation to win.
    to know that you have won before you start the battle (or trade).

    Be prepared for every possible situation.

    Have the mental training to master your mission.

    The different aspects in the battle situation.

    And all together, how to stay focused as the strategiest to control your troops and lead them to success.
  5. Ah, just read it for yourself.

    then you will see.

    i just wanted to recommend that, ok.:)
  6. Bob111


    i'm calm..i'm disciplined trader,who was able to make money that day... without the book. so far i see no explanation about how EXACTLY book did help you in your trading. if fact-i see no proof that you trade at all. all i see is that you are talking to yourself..alone..dunno about you,but it's doesn't look right to me..i think you need to some help here..and not from your godfather of the universe
  7. Bob111


    thank you,but i prefer statistics,programming and math
  8. Hey Bob111,

    i am a pro trader too, and i made money yesterday and i am doing right now, believe it or not. read my posts, maybe then or not.

    i know i am not the average guy.
    acutally i am pretty crazy in my little head, but thats how i am.

    You know also crazy people can be very good traders.:)

    The writtings of this guy is only about psychology, not about any statistics or mathematics. OK.:)

    you know it, to succeed you need both, good statistical strategies based on real mathematical data and the balls or psychology to transfer your strategies in to real life and follow your rules to 100%. then all is fine.

    So thank you for your comments.
    (i always talk to my self. thats ok:( :( :( )

    Good trading and Best Regards

    (I just wanted to recommend that book, isnt this the forum for education ??? perhaps someone is interested in my views of trading ??? if not who cares ?? For me this forum is just more for entertainment, you know. PEACE ):) :)
  9. Bob111


    ну ёбнутый...или ебАнутый..что с него возьмешь..учи лучше русский язык,дурик :p
  10. antaram


    wow, i didn't know art of war is good book for strategy, next thing you know someone will tell us bible is a good book for religion, pizdets
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