The Best Time to Buy

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  1. History shows us that the best time to buy a stock is 1:00PM
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    I tend to make reckless purchases while starved :cool:
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    It puts a whole new spin on TA, the candlesticks are much more vivid.
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    I like to buy 2 - 3 seconds just before a vertical move up.

    Only one problem - I hardly ever do.
  7. Take a few stocks from the day and tell me if you bought at 1:00 will you be up or down at the end of the day
  8. - when a random stranger spits in your face or kicks you in the balls because they overheard you mention 'stock' or 'stock market.'

    - probably because they just lost their life savings.
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    jim c

    great!!! what time zone are u in?
  10. doesn't matter what time zone. i have a strategy when i travel from time zone to time zone constantly buying at 1pm.
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