the best strategy is to pamper the ego of a good trader

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by harmless, Mar 5, 2007.

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    yup you heard me,

    I see it here on ET as well, new people will sometimes claim stupid statements on purpose just so someone will show how smart they are

    but in reality giving important info away

    I know a guy, good trader, and in comes this new college kid with a smooth tongue

    you are so smart,

    you are so cool


    no way, my math professor says that is impossible

    giving you a great trader opportunity to show how much smarter you are

    a lot of smart guys fall for it, ego is a powerful thing.
  2. that's what they want you to think.... :D
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    I love to screw with people who try ego thing on me

    I actually give them shitload of info

    but it is exactly that

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    hey Tudor glad to see we are on the same page
  5. I don't do this because I was helped more than enough by others who INSPIRED me to give myself back.. sacrifice myself for the welfare of someone else. I mean, I sacrifice myself for others...
  6. harmless


    don't get me wrong,

    if I had a son, I would teach him everything

    (bastard probably wouldn't even want to do trading ) :D

    but to teach ungrateful users

    screw that
  7. If I had a son, I too would teach him everything.

    You have to be "born" to be a trader... you can't teach trading to someone who doesn't want to trade.

    (Turtles were an exception, and who would call -60% drawdowns TRADING??? )
  8. Almost like the dude who wagers a nice meal with a hot chick that Michael Jackson is really a white guy.
  9. Hi Tudor Jones,

    Sacrifice is a noble virtue. A succesful trader ought to give back himself to others through selfless service to humanity. Helping others is nothing but helping oneself, for everything is One.
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    Such fools these youngster it's almost too easy. :D :D :D
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