The Best Stock Market In The World

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  1. Do you know which country has had the best stock market performance in the world? I was shocked when I came across a chart of the stock market of a country which is beating gold charts. I was wondering which countries are doing the same (if there is another country).
  2. Mongolia up 45% YTD, Venezuela up 33.32% YTD, Bulgaria up 25% YTD, Serbia up 24% YTD. There are plenty more, those are the ones I can find that have more than doubled golds performance this year. Did I get the one you were thinking of? What was your time period for outperformance?

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    Do you know which journal has had the worst performance on ET?

    Down 100%

  4. Do you know who has more posts than me (not by much, I see) and is a world class stalker?
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    Lucrum But please, do tell.
  6. Venus up 222%,Mercury up 333%,Mars up 444%.................