the best short term top bottom oscillator

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    This oscillator find bottom very accurately. The signal is not generated very offen, but the accuracy is high. It is also good for swing trading. Follow the red and green for buy and sell should make pretty good trades.

    here is the EasyTrader code:
    (EasyTrader can be downloaded from )

    {parameter: Period 1 100 13, Drop 1 100 5, Select -50 -20 -21, Bottom -100 -25 -34}
    Var2:=MA(CLOSE, 5);
    Var3:=MA(CLOSE, 8);
    Var4:=MA(CLOSE, 13);
    Var5:=MA(CLOSE, 21);
    Var7:=(Var6-REF(Var6,PeRioD))/REF(Var6, PERIOD)*100;
    Var8:=(Var6-REF(Var6, PERIOD))/REF(Var6, PERIOD)*100;
    Var9:=EMA(Var7, drop);
    Turn:STICKLINE(Var9>1*REF(Var9, 1), Var7, 0, 5, 0), COLOREE00EE;
    Long:STICKLINE(Var7>1*REF(Var7, 1), Var7, Var9, 5, 0), COLORGREEN;
    Short:STICKLINE(Var7<1*REF(Var7, 1), Var7, Var9, 5, 1), COLORRED;
    Max_Point:STICKLINE(Var7<1*REF(Var7, 1) AND Var9>1*REF(Var9, 1), Var7, Var9, 10, 0), COLOR00EEFF;
    Var10:=(CLOSE-MA(CLOSE, 58))/MA(CLOSE, 58)*100;
    Var11:=(Var10>1*REF(Var10, 1) AND Var10< select AND Var10>bottom)*1.5;
    Var13:=LLVBARS(LOW, 50);
    Var14:=SUM(VOL, Var13);
    Var15:=HHVBARS(HIGH, 50);
    Var16:=SUM(VOL, Var15);
    Var17:=(CLOSE-REF(OPEN, Var15))/REF(OPEN, Var15)*100;
    Var19:=(CLOSE-REF(OPEN, Var13))/REF(OPEN, Var13)*100;
    Var21:=MA(CLOSE, 3);
    Var22:=REF(CLOSE, 2)*0.865;
    Var23:=REF(CLOSE, 13)*0.772;
    Var24:=MIN(Var22, Var23);
    Var25:=MA(CLOSE, 13);
    Big_Bottom:IF((CLOSE-Var24)/CLOSE<0.030 AND Var17<(-35) AND SUM(Var12, 5)/5<1.800, 1, 0)*10, COLORWHITE;

    Var26:=(CLOSE-REF(CLOSE, 1))/REF(CLOSE, 1)*100;
    Var27:=(EMA(CLOSE, 12)-EMA(CLOSE, 26))*100;
    Var28:=EMA(Var27, 9);
    DRAWTEXT(Var27<(-50) AND Var26>7 AND Var27>=Var28, 5, 'Buy'), COLORWHITE;
    STICKLINE(Var27<(-50) AND Var26>7, 0,(-10), 7, 0), COLORFFFF66;

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    <IMG SRC=>
    picture of the oscillator
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    <IMG SRC=>
    picture of the oscillator
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    <IMG SRC=>
    picture of the oscillator
  5. Any back testing or realtime numbers? It honestly doesn't look like it works any better than 100 others systems I've created that look better on charts than in the real world. On the other hand, it is great that you are sharing. I hope it is a winner. :)
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    it is an indicator that helps to make better trading decision, not a trading system. if somebody can make it into a trading system, i would love to know.
  7. Are you selling the software? The download page states that new formulas cant be imported .So how would one get to use this neat new indicator?
  8. mk2005,

    Are you or beyondtradesoft associated with Dynastore?
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    oh, the software is free. you can copy and paste the code into the indicator editor. then you will be able to use the indicator.


    1. bring up the indicator manager

    three ways to do it.
    a) single click on the left edge of the chart.
    b) from the main menu, click Tools -> indicator manager
    c) move mouse to the top and dynamic tool bar appears, click on
    the button " I. Manager"

    2. when you have the indicator manager, click on the tree item and choose " new indicator".

    3. the indicator editor will pop up, enter the code in the editor and say OK.

    that is it.

    see the picture in the link
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    No, i don't think beyondtradesoft is associated with Dynastore.
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