the best response to "why should we hire you"

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  1. ive had this question thrown at me a few times and i finally came up with the best answer.

    why should we hire you?

    "aside from being qualified and motivated for this position, if you hire me, im saving you the time and effort of having to interview other candidates."

    can you top that?
  2. An employer's attitude will be that extra time taken to hire JUST THE RIGHT PERSON is time well worth spending.

    (Edit) How 'bout this? ...

    "You should hire me because on the remote chance that things don't work out you have my word that I won't come back here a week later with an oozie and a bag of hand grenades."

  3. Not too inspiring...

    Try this one.
    "You know the guy that walks on water in every company?
    You're looking at him."

    (and then back it up:D ).

    That being said, if you've already dazzled them with your competence and/or resume, they should never have to ask that question.
  4. where is nutmeg? we need a good one liner
  5. Tell the guy that you have naked photos of his wife, reach into your lapel pocket and then show him the photos. You're hired! :D
  6. Tell him to pull his head, outa his ass and ask him if he read the resume and paid any attention to the interview.
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    A guy told me this with a smile one time when I asked the question:

    "Well, actually you shouldn't hire me because if you do, in about two years I will be sitting right where you are as I will have taken your place."

    I hired him. :)

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  8. You went from being a trader to human resources associate? Uh huh, nice "lateral" move there. :eek: :(
  9. Aren't you the guy who uses "protection" when spending time with prostitutes? Ah yes, a man who is careful when involved with "risky business". You're hired! :D
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    if you have the qualifications: "why should I work for you?" :)
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