The Best Ravenquote replacement?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jem, Jan 4, 2002.

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    Do any of the former Ravenquote users suggest the use of another product. I am particuarly intersted in scanning and ploting daily moving averages on my five minute charts

    I have noticed that is promoting metastock 7.....
    Is this a good product. Will it scan for stocks with an atr above x amount and adx above x. Will it scan intraday charts for such occurences. Will it scan for pullbacks to moving averages etc.


  2. hi jem..

    i just got an email from raven, there is a new owner and they will be sending promos soon.. hopefully they dont plan to jack us around like the previous guys..

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    qwik thanks for the heads up I eliminated part of the above message
  4. I like linnsoft. The others scan using the internet which is a little slower. Linnsoft captures tick data and writes it to memory or hard disk so scans are about 2-5 seconds faster IMHO.
  5. did you have so far a data problem with linnsoft and is the scanning very efficient on a real time basis????
    Do you use it to take positions

    Thanks for the info :) :) :)
  6. I use it inconnection with esignal so I don't seem to have a lot of data problem issues. I think it has a portfolio function, but I don't use it since my REDI machine has my realtime PnL
  7. Jem,

    do a search on MetaStock. There was an extensive discussion on MetaStock a month or two back. Also contains lots of good data on eSignal vs
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    I just received an email from Phil Erlanger ( that he has purchased Ravenquote, and you immediately start using RavenQuote again. The service is free for January, but starting February, he is doubling the monthly 'rent' from $40/month to $80/month. Checkout

    I don't now how to post the entire HTML email into this post, but here are some snippets. If you were a former subscriber to Ravenquote, you should be getting one of these emails anyway.
    Personally, I'm not going back to RQ, esp. when they want to double the monthly cost for the same product...

    "I hope that you'll join me as we build the ultimate data and charting package for active traders. I'm pumped. This is going to be fun. Call Marilyn at 1-800-940-9180 today and sign up for Erlanger Quote, and I'll also send you a FREE 1-year subscription to my online investment advisory, Erlanger Squeeze Play, worth up to $599! "

    "Click to enter your billing information online, or call Marilyn at 1-800-940-9180. Within an hour during business hours we'll have your information activated, and you'll be ready to go. You can log on the same way you always have, provided you kept your QCharts subscription active."
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