The best protection against trials/Govt intervention in your business

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    Keep the same business, just throw the words " socially responsible", "ethical", "for development", "against climate change" all over the website. It doesn't mean anything anyway...

    If you have an HFT firm, it's just a socially, ethically and economically equitable proprietary trading firm. Trade 2 lots of ethanol in the year and you are fighting climate change. Give 0.2% of your profits and it is a charity. Trade 2 lots on the mexican exchange and you are acting for development.

    If you look at politicians/regulators decisions, it just has to sound good today, nobody cares what you are really doing...

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    By the way, if you are promoting ethanol, you are not fighting climate change at all, but I am sure 80% of people wouldn't even notice it. It is just a thing that sounds good...LOL