The Best Presidential Team for 2008 - includes a Clinton.

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  1. April 7, 2006

    SouthAmerica: It is very early to start talking about the 2008 US presidential campaign.

    But on a daily basis the talking heads on television are already talking about that subject as if the 2008 presidential campaign were around the corner.

    In my opinion the democratic team that could be a sure winner in November 2008 is:

    “Al Gore for president with Bill Clinton on his ticket as the vice president.”

    The US Constitution does not allow someone to run for a third term as president, but the US Constitution does not disallow a 2-term president from being in the ticket on the future as the vice president.

    In the case Al Gore dies, resigns, or is impeached after being elected president – then Bill Clinton would assume the presidency at that point as it is allowed by the US Constitution.

    I would vote in November 2008 for a ticket: “Al Gore/Bill Clinton”.

    And I am sure a majority of Americans would vote for such a presidential ticket.

    That would be a winning democratic ticket for 2008 and beyond. (2012).

    And that team would have the humongous, extremely large, enormous, huge, monstrous, and tremendous job of once again trying to fix the mess left behind in the US economy by the last administration.

    The United States will need a team which includes a superstar such as Bill Clinton to be able to clean the United States economic mess.

  2. That is simply the most retarded asinine idea I've ever heard. Al Gore would have to win the primaries by himself- no chance. Put a fork in it. That turkey is done. 1999 was several years ago.
  3. chisel


    My worst fear: Hillary running for prez with Bill on her ticket as VP.
    This country is screwed regardless of whether the Reps or Dems win, but I'll do my share and vote Libertarian once again.
  4. I for one am 68 years old (US citizens) and have never voted in my life....In my mind this makes me not responsible for anything our corrupted government as ever done...

    The only solution to our problem here would cause complete chaos in our markets, but eventually would bring some truth to washington.....

    It's actually real simple:---and because it's so simple it will never get done...

    1st ACTION:--Have new elections for all senate and house seats...One stipulation---All candidates MUST have never been in politics.....We want professors, doctors, accountants, engineers, and civil service....etc..... type people..

    2nd ACTION:--Make lobbing illegal to this new group of government as the 1st bill to pass congress.....

    3rd ACTION:--Impeach the president and his staff...For never vetoing anything!!!!...Thats a good enough reason....IE:-Energy Bill, Highway Bill, Medicare Bill, Social Security reform...etc

    4th ACTION:--Let the new congress Elect one member from the senate to be the New President.....100 candidates instead of 2....chosen by 400+ elected educated officials, not the uneducated uninformed masses that show up to vote one day every four years based on who advertised themselves better on TV....What a horrible system to elect the most powerful person in the world....

    5th ACTION:Make the media focus on this new government....I'm talking every vote, every bill, follow them like paparazzi so none of them can fall into the trap of the lobbyist (Which would be illegal now)

    OK thats about all I can think of at the moment....The key to it all is No candidate can have any ties to any former gov't official or lobbyist....

    Read the ENERGY BILL---for a good laugh---My favorite passage was it clearly states that the head official for the DOE will have complete control over a slush fund----And this slush fund can be donated to by business......HHHHMMMMMM....EXAMPLE...OIL Companies #1 gives Department Of Energy 10 MILLION and DOE gives oil companies subsidies, land, capital and drilling rights....Over OIL company #2 because they only gave 8 MILLION.....If I remember they named this BILL "GASOLINE FOR AMERICANS ACT"-----You had to vote for it no matter what side you were on.....YOU WOULD never win a re-election voting against a BILL with this name.....If I remember correctly---I can't recall anything about a time frame for a new refinery being in the whole bill.....ALSO SOME VERY TRICKY LANGUAGE ABOUT only """"SOME"""" of the gasoline produced from this bill must stay in the United States....

    Our oil companies tried to create a Heating OIL bubble for this past winter.....They partially got away with it, but the winter was very warm and supplies held up......In 2005 The 5 Major US oil companies (Exxon, Conoco Phillips, Marathon oil, Valero, and #5 (Can't remember at the moment) )----Shipped (Exported)150% more heating distillates out of the US than they did in 2004....It's true....Basic economics....Heating oil shortages in US cause a much higher price spike than a heating oil shortage in some third world country....
  5. "OK thats about all I can think of at the moment....The key to it all is No candidate can have any ties to any former gov't official or lobbyist...."

    Bingo. Take out the trash.
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    Good list.

    I'd add:

    abolish the federal reserve and all fiat currency.

    return to precious metal standard (paper currency backed by 100% equiv metal).

    dissolve the FBI, CIA and IRS. (add: BATF, DoEd)

    Institute flat consumption tax of 15%. No more income tax.

    Shut down the border.

    Pour 100 billion in free-energy manhattan project to get this country off oil.

    Bit of a tangent there, but good ideas.

    I agree with the original premise - lobbyist, congressional whores and ignorant/apathetic public are killing this country. quick.

    at some level, i can't help but to think the public must always serve as the ultimate failsafe of any system.

    Public awareness and participation is the keystone to any truly free and transparent Government.

    Without a public to serve as the last and ultimate accountable body, the money powers will find a way to corrupt almost any system.

    Which is why our Government is going down right now.

    my 2 cents ;)
  7. While Al Gore if he runs would easily win the primaries, would be a great candidate and his campaign slogan "Re-elect Al Gore" would resonate with voters, I see absolutely no reason why he needs a Clinton on his ticket with all his controversies, investigations, love affairs and scandals. There are much better alternatives for VP today - Russ Feingold if he wants a progressive anti-war, anti-Patriot Act straight shooter, Wesley Clark if he needs military experience and Mark Warner if he wants a southern centrist with governortorial experience capable of easily carrying his own state (VA).
  8. To defeat al gore all the right has to do is repeadetly show his temper tantrums he had during his speeches.

  9. It's also known as passion. Besides 2 out of 3 americans do share his "temper tantrums" against this administration and it's only getting worse.
  10. Well then I think Howard Dean should be on the ticket he is very passionate.

    Yes Americans share his frustrations but I don't think they want a man in the white house who behaves like a 4 year old when he doesnt get his way.

    PS- that's just stupid.
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