The best president.

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  1. are you zionist or freemason?
  2. Kennedy is the most overrated President ever. Not that he was bad, but he was only President for less than three years.

    Best: George Washington
    Worst: John Adams (great man, lousy President)
  3. guys don't have to go too far to find the absolute worst president in history...
  4. best--Reagan

    worst---FDR He turned our country from one in which we have the right to pursue happiness to one where we have the right to have happiness provided for us.
  5. best--Reagan/lincoln/washington

  6. I rate them according to the lasting effects of their presidency.


    I don't think I really need to explain why his lasting effects were the greatest.

    Worst = FDR

    He introduced what would prove to be one of the worst social programs in the history of the US.

    LBJ is running a close second for actually adding medicaid and medicare to social security, making it even more of a disastrous plan.
  7. Bush hating is a fad. There are plenty of examples of worse presidents than him.
  8. No...I'm pretty sure he's an asshole. Didn't need to check with anybody on that one.

    But I now see the topic pertains to actions that have had a long-term detriment to the country. In that regard, I agree Bush wouldn't make the worst president list.

    I mean, how could he? His first 4 yr terms was mostly spent at the ranch. His second term was mostly spent on the war.

    No time in his agenda to enact any negative long-term initiatives.

    But hey, that's just my opinion...360 or so more days to go...LOL
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