The best post on ET

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  1. LOLOL awesome.
  2. Lots of $100 - $2500 winners and each stop out is about a $10K loss. (Manageable risk)
    This can't end up well.
    Why don't you contact OP in that link and see what he thinks today.

    imho you incurred short term capitulation in search of ideas

    Understandably you bouncing propositions,intuition is often last thing to rely on.Math has to held up and you need to understand why you're getting paid,where the edge comes from.
    Edge is hardest thing to discover,hanker is never a bad thing(I like that word,comes from Dutch).

    keep going through old posts,keep searching.....explore,thinker

    Good Luck!
  3. It's predicting volatility, not direction.