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  1. new link on marketsurfer !!
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    In our neverending search to bring you the latest and flyest trading information---- we are pleased to present a link to the best option trading site in history :

    under new and cool, hit "option strategies" these guys provide solid, immediately actionable advice and strategy to handle current market conditions.

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    Form surf's website. LMAO :D


    ...While in college, in the weeks leading up to and during the crash in 1987, he turned $10,000 into over $900,000. That really perked my interest in the markets. I asked him if he’d teach me, and he took me under his wing. His approach to the markets was so unusual. First of all, he was an astrologer.

    He was an astrologer?
    Right. And he was also really into Gann Analysis. He used a Gann Wheel, and claimed he used it to predict the ’87 crash. Of course I thought it was insane. I just didn’t believe it. But then he took me to his house and showed me where he lived, and I was very impressed. He taught me his way of reading the market: Gann, Elliot Wave, and astrology.

    Having been a business and economics major, this must have seemed ridiculous.
    It seemed absolutely the most ridiculous thing that I had ever heard, but I saw the results and I thought, “This guy must be on to something.” ...

  3. please do not extrapolate the above comments to infer that i am an astro believer. i do not believe in nor utilize astrology in any aspect of my life. it was and remains total nonsense, regardless of what my original mentor believes.


    surfer :)
  4. Dude, what is it with the incessant shilling of late for thinkorswim? Sosnoff and crew are good guys and they've built a decent trading platform. In fact, as I've mentioned, I have an account with them (though I wouldn't pay them, or anyone else for that matter, a nickel for options "advisory services"). But I find your recent pattern of extreme hyperbole about TOS and their product/services rather distateful. What gives?

  5. i am not affilated with TOS nor do i recd a dime for referals to them. i believe they have a superior platform and am simply providing my opinion.

    i totally agree, if you have a excellent grasp of options, you don't need the site mentioned / linked to on my site. HOWEVER, if you need guidance while trading option strategies---- the site linked to is the BOMB.

    sorry that you feel my enthusiasm is distasteful.


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    I was not trying to infer anythig. I honestly got a laugh out of it.

    nitro :D :D
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    Weatherpatterns, electric current patterns, sexual behvior, hell whatever makes them money, LOL>......V.N. was a true beliver.

    Nice link.....For me Redi and SLK are the proper platforms...but these guys have a nice setup....option advisory.....well, just understand the definitions and greeks and make up ur own methods.

  8. thanks, er. yeah, the site is geared for newbie option traders.

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  9. understood.

    looking forward to trading with you on monday !!

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    Nice site surfer.

    By chance did you see the review of Larry William's new book "The Right Stock at the Right Time" in the April Active Trader (p19)? He states that Gann "...was essentially a teacher/guru and not a working trader. The big trade that apparently helped launch his legend never occurred", it was "actually the work of his publicist".
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