the BEST "one thing" that indicates to US market direction for the day is...

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  1. the overnight price of...
    Nikkei 225
    Crude Oil
    10 Year Note
    ES futures
    Euro Bund
    Shanghai Index
    Morning Economic report
    ...anything else?
    IF you had to choose one or two, three...which is the BEST indicator for the upcoming RTH of the US market...this will greatly help traders out...thanks!!!...
  2. here's an idea:

    pull up a chart of each of the indexes you just mentioned and find out for yourself :)
  3. thanks but not the idea here...this is a "share your thought" thread...great to hear from everyone and not my bias...thanks for your input though...what do you think?
  4. ?
  5. The Yen was a fairly accurate predictor for much of this year. No more though.

    The most important thing now is whether or not the writedowns come in lower or higher than expected. Any big surprises in the mortgage slop and expect a 200+ point drop.
  6. thanks
  7. VIX

    But if you start posting polls all the time like some other newbs I'll put you on ignore too! :)
  8. Experience is the only thing you lazy arse. Stop these innane questions and start trading though it is obvious you will never succeed as you are too scared to even try.

    Harsh but true sorry
  9. oh ET friends...please...I really want the discussion to flow...oh...
  10. does the VIX trade overnight?...??
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