The "Best of the Best" crashed a helicopter??

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    Of course not.

    I have heard at least five different versions from governmental sources as to why the helicopter crashed during the Bin Laden assault. All official scenarios are BS right from the get-go. Here's the real answer...and the obvious explanation for the cover up:


    Might have been just Gomer and Goober on the roof of an outer building, half asleep...and armed with nothing more than light weapons (a Stinger missle would have finished the job).

    A lucky shot, quite probably.

    But why can't we just admit it?? Stupid not too.

    Then again, why spoil a 100% perfect mission with facts? lol

    ++ A report from Saxon -- back on the scene from now til Nov 2012. Hugs and kisses to Z10 (or whatever alias he is left with now).

  2. Does seem a bit odd.......know someone who used to crew a blackhawk, as such, it may have been the crews fault-landing , the instrument panel is pretty darn high, it's not really the pilots job to make it safe, they just gotta follow instruction and keep things level.

    Maybe they didn't scope the phone lines etc properly, but, overall, yeah, hard to believe if they all got out of there.
    There are few things less elegant than a helicopter crash.

    As for the muslim burial at sea, well, which tradition was that? The tradition of not leaving a body to be exhumed and autopsied?:D

    No doubt, in 30 years time we will find out what really happened. Maybe it was Bin Laden on the grassy knoll, too.
  3. Bullshit. Some group would have taken credit by now if it were shot down. Have some more tin foil.
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    It's certainly possible/plausible. Military crashes aircraft including helicopters fairly often. Most of which we never even hear about.
    Pilots are human and therefore fallible, even the best of them.
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    Eric Roberts crashed?
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    Not if the shooter (like maybe "the courier") had been killed.
  7. So you think it was an alleged lone wolf who shot down the chopper in your proposed scenario? Really? You realize, of course, that your story is going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, eh?

    Any other conspiracies we should know about?
  8. The whole story just smells. I hadn't honed in on the helicopter angle but the killing OBL part devolving from from a firefight with a human shield to assassinating him unarmed in his pajamas and dumping the body in the ocean, was just bizarre.

  9. Well, I'm talking about long time ago-by rights, these things should practically land themselves these days, given the mission.

    But the burial at sea? It was pretty quick, which sea?
  10. Since we're on the subject of tin foil, I put on my tin foil hat and contribute.

    A few years after somailia, I read an article about the Black Hawks and basically , they are the best helicopters going, when they work. I got the impression that these things are a work in progress. so when I heard mechanical failure with OBL, I thought, sounds about right.

    I get the impression that there are "add-ons' & "modifications" for improvements which lead to new and different failures.

    I did try to find the original article I read but its hopeless the way google ranks news. Old stuff gets buried fast and deep.
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