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  1. I have plans to begin mining this forum for great, past posts. I am curious to know what others have felt is most worthwhile from this forum. I would suggest posting a brief description and a link to any thread you found particularly interesting.

    Also, I would love to see some posts from the ET members who, for the most part, do not post but spend much time searching the archives.

    As always I will be keeping this thread as tight as possible, this time so it may serve as a starting point for searching this forum's history. As a result, accolades and detractions in respect to this thread will be removed.
  2. I'd go through J-Commisso(and his other altered egos), marketsurfer, Pabst, Oldtrader, darkhorse, and my :))) posts...

    One interesting one was with old pre-real trader Aphie and J-Commisso's debate about Zen...


    Being in ET since the inception of Psychology...

    I'd go for the Van Tharp thread too...

    It was the post that triggered the Psychology Forum and rTharp has greatly contributed to the thread. It's kept a big impression on me...

    This thread begun by igsi asks the questions, "Based on my psychological profile, in which market am I more likely to be more successful? Would it be trading some certain financial instrument(s) or type(s) of market? If the latter is true, which market currently posseses required properties?"

    Thanks to WDGann I found this thread searching for OldTrader. It is somewhat short and a noteable appearance is made by HarryTrader, who writes two very coherent posts.

    ---This Request Will Be Deleted:
    Additions to this thread are welcome.... desired even, but please use roughly the above format in doing so.

    Darkhorse begins and ends this thread about waiting, calm, self-control, wisdom, and the idea that binds: patience. The thread was somewhat short to begin with and a few edits were made removing a J-Commisso and stu spat.

    My favorite quote:
    "Patience is definitely one of the polar bear's virtues. A polar bear will stand or lie motionless near a seal's breathing hole for hours, sometimes even days, waiting for the seal to surface. When the seal comes up for air, the polar bear will whack it with his one-foot-wide paw, breaking the seal's neck with one blow."

    This is one of my favorate threads!

    PEACE and good-trading,

    EDIT -- RLB Description:
    "What is Trading?," begins as an aphoristic description of.. what else - trading, and digresses into a discussion on life only to return to a discussion of trading - this time as life.