The best of my library (for sale, cheap)

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  1. xygeek


    After years of throwing out more books than anyone might imagine I'm left
    with 39 of what in my opinion are the best of the best. Due to unforseen
    circumstances I must sell them. I'm in Plano, TX and hope one person will
    take them all.

    Top of the list is a blue cover ver of Toby' Crabel's Daytrading with short
    term price patterns. Make a reasonable offer on that and I will let the
    rest go for a small fraction of worth.

    1) Day Trading with short term price patterns, Toby Crabel. (hardcover)
    2) Trading as a busineess, Charlie Wright
    3) The new market wizards, Jack Schwager
    4) Smarter Trading PJ Kaufman
    5) The new commodity trading Systems and methods, PJ Kaufman
    6) Technical Analysis of the futures markets, JJ Murphy
    7) The I-S Method, Franklin Paul Jackson (One of Dunnigan's mentors)
    8) Trading with the Odds, Cynthia Kase
    9) Mind Over Markets, Dalton, Jones and Dalton
    10) Gains In Grain, William Dunnigan
    11) The Trading Systems Toolkit, Joe Krutsinger
    12) The 5 day momentum method, Jeff Cooper
    13) The new science of Technical analysis, Tom DeMark
    14) New Market timing techniques, Tom Demark
    15) Trading by the book, Joe Ross
    16) Trading is a business, Joe Ross
    17) Technical Trading Systems for commodities and stocks, Charles Patel
    18) Japanese Candlestick charting techniques, Steve Nison
    19) Beyond Candlesticks, Steve Nison
    20) Trading Applications of Japanese Candlestick charting, Wagner / Matheny
    21) A W. D. Gann Treasure Discovered, Roibert Krausz (Ganns greatest
    contribution to ta imo)
    22) Trading Systems, Joe Krutsinger
    23) How I made $2,000,000 in the stock market, Nicolas Darvas
    24) Stock Trading Techniques based on price patterns, Michael Harris (quite
    intriguing imo)
    25) Point & Figure charting, Tom Dorsey
    26) New BluePrints for gains in stocks and commodities & One-way forumula
    for trading in stocks in commodities, William Dunnigan. (my bible)
    27) Ask Mr EasyLanguage, Samual Tennis
    28) The trading windows strategy, Connors Research Group
    29) The Taylor trading technique, George Taylor
    30) Three Point reversal method of point and figure construction and
    formation, Michael Burke
    31) Study helps in point & figure technique, Alexander Wheelan
    32) The point and figure method of anticipating stock price movement, Victor
    De Villiers and Owen Taylor (interesting)
    33) Point & figure charting, Carroll Aby
    34) Hit and run trading 2, Capturing explosive short term moves in stocks,
    M. Gordon Publishing Group
    35) Connors on Advanced Trading strategies, M Gordon Publishing Group
    36) Street Smarts, M Gordon Publishing Group.
    37) Hit and Run Trading, M Gordon Publishing Group
    38) Trading by the minute, Joe Ross
    39) Trading the Ross Hook, Joe Ross (practical basis for many sub systems

    None of these books have dust jackets but all were bought new. I might have made a few notations in some but generally there's little or no highlighting (i think).
  2. Ok....i'm bid 50, Five Zero for the lot!
  3. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    nice collection you got there :)
  4. Oz435


    How's $70 sound?
  5. BID 71....BID 71
  6. liulala


    bid 100
  7. do you make money trading after reading all those books?
  8. make money or have a headache
  9. xygeek


    I sold 12 books so far but have to ship them contrary to my desire to sell the entire library to someone local that would buy Toby Crabel's Day Trading with Short Term Price Patterns. I decided I will sell that book alone for $600 plus shipping and it is still currenlty available. I will update the list of other books still available after I see what else sells.

    Thanks and God bless you.
  10. Pekelo


    My question exactly. What was your (xygeek) return in the last 3 years??
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