The best OANDA traders...

Discussion in 'Forex' started by MasterGambler, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Are pretty impressive...

    One guy captured 100% of the EUR/USD move today... Another captured 99% of the EUR/JPY long!

    I know exactly why they entered their trades and how they picked their price levels... I just haven't solved how they decided their exits... Hmmmm...

    If your a forex trader... Glance at those charts everyday to be inspired to do better and make as many pips as the pros! :cool:

    The interesting thing about how OANDA works is how they make money by building models off their traders and positioning in the market. OANDA is probably positioning enough in the real market for the best traders so that their orders are the butterfly effect that sets the tops/bottoms in the real market.

    I think they are just feeling out the price action on their exit points there... Those icebergs feel like a ROCK when price slams against them. Entries were pretty clear cut support points in time and price.

    Gonna be a bit till I'm on par with the best FX Gamblers. Getting some pips here and there though. Stayed away from equities today... Don't like trading during gap days.

    Forex has become easier than equities and equities futures in recent years... Or equities have just become harder? The price action in FX is like a breath of fresh air. I think equities volatility just need to pick up for the market to "feel right" again.
  2. Oh, solved it...

    Their exits were the weekly pivot, and the weekly open. Interesting... Nothing special there.
  3. interesting site.. i would think to model what constitutes a winning strategy for what kind of market profile.. Anyone can be right once or twice.. but this doesn't make you profitable over time..
  4. I rather see a tiered leader board for each instrument on who caught the most range per unit. Like a top ten traders leaderboard for each instrument.

    I think TT had/has a leaderboard like I am describing.
  5. Wierd cause then you could just front run their strategy

  6. it is anonymous , no you couldn't

    I think this one might just displays P/L, not range captured per contract. not sure though.