The Best News Feed to use for Trading

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    What is the best news feed out there that can provide real time information and news on various stocks traded and important events that can at least keep the average trader ahead (or at least as informed as) of the rest of the crowd.

    Is there news feed that you recommend that can be used to that effect? And do you think that it can be helpful for momentum trading?
  2. NoBias

    NoBias Inplay is my preferred subscription service is my preferred Economics Calendar

    Personally, I do not trade the news, but trade the reaction at the volatility event.

    That being said, I am not interested in what the news states, only to be aware of the announcement time in preparation to react and execute.

    When trading Earnings, I am not so much interested in whether they beat or miss estimates, but I am interested in the guidance.

    Fundamentals are important for investing, however, the faster the time frame the less important they become.

    So when Swing trading Guidance matters, Day Trading I am purely interested in technicals and their respective failures.

    By the time the news comes out you are late for the party, all you can effectively do is react to the PA, be it continuation or counter trend (fade).

    Trying to digest the news will give you a Bias, and in Day Trading a Bias is a dangerous state of mind imho, prevents you from reacting, reversing, etc...
  3. What about a site that instantly alerts on stocks making intraday highs.
    I could definitely make money with that.
  4. The bar #, its Rel volatility and its overlap.

    This info precedes all media, etc.

    Someone will explain to you how making money works relative to news.

    News "pushes" making money.
  5. CodeX


    That is what i had in mind NoBias, thanks for the suggestions!
    Just like you, I wouldnt want to trade the news, but the reaction generated off it. In theory, I might come to the party late (after the big boys), but at least i would want to try and not leave last, if you know what i mean.

    Any other suggestions & ideas from other traders who use or had used this technique in their trading arsenal, are most welcome.
  6. Nope, doesn't exist, unless you go to extreme lengths (by "average trader" standards) you have no hope of being ahead of the rest of the crowd.

    About the best you can do is get a real data feed ($$) and watch for the news on the tape.
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    this thread started by op is typical of what is wrong with american education. did it ever occur to you to start by using the search button in the upper right hand corner. instead you chose the spoon feeding approach typical of people who are products of american schools.
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    Nah, i think you're just jealous because i am young and handsome and soon to be rich.
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    The theory behind this technique is not to trade the news, as NoBias explained, but to stalk the stocks that are candidates for moves on particular days, and play the reversal on those that had already reacted.

    You might no be the first to the party but it's equally important not to stay last once the ship sinks.

    That's in theory, and i am not talking about trading only on this technique but using it when the opportunity arises. In other words, it's not the bread and butter of trading.
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    no such thing. specially on retail level. your "rest of the crowd" buddies on other side of your screen will be bots,that have all possible and impossible info about you,this stock,group,sector,market etc. owners of those bots are paying top dollars for it. those,who have ability to post 60K buy\sell\cancel quotes\orders in 1 second.we are no match to them. doesn't mean you can't trade news.but you certainly not going to find anything that would put you "ahead of the rest". :p
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