The best music website on the NET period

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    totally free.

    thought I would share...

  2. is very good.
  3. Pretty cool, but we still have to buy the songs. I guess that's ok since we have no more napster.

  4. Pandora is good. Also check this site out.

    Great for exchanging old CD's with other members. $1/swap. I got rid of some old CD's that I have already digitized, got new one, digitized them and put them back on the market. So far I have got around 20 new CD's, in exchange for old ones for $20 or so.
  5. macal425,

    Although more and more audio software incorporating the decent recording tools...

    What software are you using to digitized your music (ex. from cassette to digital).


  6. Mark

    Sorry, but when I said digitize, I really just meant transfer songs from CD to Hard Drive via Itunes software. I know CD's are already digital, but I knew what I meant. :)

    I have around 400 CD's that I transferred to an external hard drive using Itunes. Now I have 400 CD's that I don't need anymore. I use to exchange those CD's for other CD's on the site. Once I get a new CD, I immediately transfer it to my Hard Drive, in effect giving me another useless CD to put back in the mix for a swap.