The best money making trade on ET in 2003

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    On 12/11/03 I stated I was buying Dec 1075 calls for $5, which is where anyone could have bought them at the time I posted the above link.

    On 12/19, a week later, they settled at 13.70, for a gain of 174% in 6 trading days!!

    Marketsurfer had the second best call. He bought SIRI around $2.25, and now it's $3.35, for a gain of about 50% in a week. Good job, dude.

    But 174% gain in a week is the easy winner. That's a SPECIFIC trade I am on the record doing. How bout that?
  2. Mom and Dad must be very proud :D



    Nobody cares.
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    Excellent calls on both your parts, job very well done!! Continued good trading to both of you in 2004.
  5. Betting on me... (LOL)
  6. 2nd best was long DDN

    3rd best was any play on gold.

    I posted all near the start of the year and end of last year.

    Still have all my DDN from 2.25, and haven't sold a share of any gold/silver stock.
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    I do believe there are many 6 to 8 baggers every month on near money options just prior to expiry. Certainly I know of at least 2 trades where praetorian has grabbed 600+% in a couple days doing this.

    Still that was a nice trade James Stock. Not sure I'd start a new thread over it tho. You selling something?
  8. All here should read "Fooled By Randomness." Why? Read it and you will find out.

    Then you should look at a chart of THV.

    'nuff said.

    Happy New Year all!
  9. Open a fund and I will...
  10. He did.
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