The BEST - Mirus Futures

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  1. Mirus Futures is the best,

    I've tried other brokers

    Ninja Trader with Zen Fire is absolutely the most impressive rig I ever experienced

    Watch out other brokers, and lets not even go into favorable margin with Mirus
  2. they won't hold your hand to the store so you can buy gum

    These guys are serious, and serious traders appreciate the no bull to the point business
  3. if you have a virgin daughter and are considering
    leaving her at Mirus Futures lobby for 10 minutes while you are at a meeting

    have no worry sir, these guys are the it pros
  4. now you are acting like a shill.
  5. no sir, at mirus we don't know the meaning of the word :D

    just kiddin,

    I saw the light and I want all you Interactive_____ fill in the blank people

    to know that great alternative exists
  6. ZenFire feed has to be seen to be believed.
  7. moarla


    ZEN is lagging during high volume data.
    I checed id out.
    its true

    and Mirus does not have the best commissions, its Advantage Futures with the best deal.
    And mirus does not offer Forex thrue Ninja right now... hahahaha

    and whats with Kospi future?

    whats with some simple options? you can trade options on futures over a trading desk...
    hmmm but what if i like to trade options on citibank??? and online without desk??

    Mirus is good, but its not the best
  8. you are trading from Italy through crappy servers so you don't count

    you only trade FX so Mirus is not for you

    and if you want to know something else, best commissions does not mean best broker

    I would rather pay little more and make sure I am not dealing with criminals
  9. 100% agree!
  10. 4XQs


    So Mirus are not able to handle business outside of the US, cannot deal in Forex and does not have the lowest commissions. That's pretty enlightening! Great job plugging them!
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