The best laptop for trading ?????

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by fearless9, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. I need a new laptop solely for trading.

    A 17" screen is no more use to me than a 15" and so preferably I would take a 15" as weight is always a consideration.

    Also, because of the way that I trade I need my front end on a separate screen.
    It can be a 12", but the two screens will not fit on a 17" together.

    The whole package needs to be as portable as possible.

    I am interested to know my best options.

    My current machine is a piece of rubbish that HP had the gall to market as a laptop.
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    Ive got two acers, one HP (all desktops) and then an alienware laptop. The acer desktops are great too (aspire), have never had a problem with them and they are cheap (about $400 each plus extra video card) you might have similar luck with their laptops as well.

  4. Beast84


    go to and build it however you want. Its much cheaper than dell and hp, plus you pick your parts at wholesale prices.

    They build it and install also. :)
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    i like good used Dell Latitudes on ebay

    they're desktops in a laptop
  6. Have you ever purchased from this company? Is so what is your objective feedback?

    I am always looking for a good price, but concerned dealing with companies over the net that appear real small.

  7. Asus.
  8. aapl...macbook or whatever you fancy.

    very reliable.
  9. build on the dell website ifu want. i hear others do that..
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