The best investor of his generation

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  2. A Econ degree from Yale is still worth a billion!? :D
  3. if you're looking at just pure return by a professional money manager over, say, a decade, then ed seykota killed him...over 60% annualized return, net of fees.
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    Do think Buffet is really better? How we define better since Buffet seldom pull out the money from the market. He don't expend those moneys, I wonder for what he's working for! To become the world richest man one day, maybe; but Bill Gates still hold on. I think Jesse Livermore is the best, best for making money and expend them, while Buffet is only best for the first one.
  5. i have talked to franz. he is the real deal. its hard to emulate his style unless you have a cast iron stomach. i have seen him go 250k negative on a trade and and still add more.
  6. Can you prove this? Everyone seems to quote this 60% with no evidence.
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    Well, I think there is a huge difference between a HF manager handling 100 million with a 30% profit and a futures trader making 1% a day with only a couple of contracts. Apples and oranges....
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