The best hedge fund ever?

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    I knew that would get your attention. LOL.

    Well, these guys seems to think so. In fact, they are throwing down the gauntlet and challenging all other funds out there to beat them.

    Now before you guys get all huffy and puffy and defensive, keep in mind, these guys are trading real money and they have been around for 12 years. So not some fly by night operation that had a good year. Their average return over 12 years is 102% a year. They also have about 175 million under management. So it's a decent sized fund.

    Here is their quote: "The Worlds Best Investment System

    We will immediatly modify our claim if anybody, anywhere comes forward and disputes our claim, we are still waiting."

    Some other vital stats. They are only using 25% of their equity for margin.

    1995: +127.59%

    1996: +127.52%

    1997: +61.85%

    1998: +255.74%

    1999: +305.74%

    2000: +9.11%

    2001: +97.95%

    2002: +112.74%

    2003: +140.17%

    2004: +31.31%

    2005: +120.69%

    2006: +20.72%

    OK guys, knock yourselves out! :)
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    I would think Centaurus (energy fund) gives anybody a run for the money as to best performer. But they don't have to advertise, as a matter of fact the fund is closed to new investors.

    The track record you posted is indeed impressive but with a track record that strong money should be seeking them out not the other way around . . .
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    Yes and no. Managed futures funds have a notoriously bad reputation regardless of performance. Also, they have a dirty little word in their strategy outline, they are trend followers. Not exactly the buzz word at Connecticut cocktail parties.
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    I enjoyed this part of their website

  5. Where did you get this AUM info?
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    Here you go.
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