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  1. What is people's opinion or fact on the best book to buy that teaches about trading the emini futures? Price is not an issue.

    Somebody said Linda Raschke's book? Which is priced at 175.00. Is there better?
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    There's nothing special about futures trading that you need to learn above "regular" trading as the methods are largely the same if you trade stocks or futures (if you're strictly interested in trading by TA, that is). If you want to learn about futures market fundamentals I recommend "The Futures Game: Who wins, who loses and why?"

    The only reason books with trading strategies are written is for the author to make money. You won't find anything useful there. I have Raschke's book and it's useless. Read books that concentrate on fundamentals and mechanics. Oh, and there's no "best" book that teaches you anything. Traders spend years researching and testing to find what works. They most certainly will not publicize a money-maker.

    Before you go out and waste your money on books, however, be aware that there's gobs of free info out there already. Here's just a couple of sites to get you started. Not saying they're anything special, but they may give you a decent overview of many different approaches and perhaps give you a couple of ideas.

    Take all the info you find with a huge grain of salt and learn to backtest the strategies that sound to good to be true before you commit actual dollars. Do many searches here for other recommended sites to learn from and ask lots of questions.

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    Mind over markets by Dalton- explains market profile
  4. Thanks for the all the good links and info. I have been reading and watching the videos for days now. Those videos and the other reading material on the website's posted and some other websites I found online are better than some of the 2,000.00 CD's that people are selling. Thanks again for the useful information everybody posted. :)
  5. The best futures book?
    write your own.