the best free 'non java' C++ app Forex chart is...

Discussion in 'Forex' started by increasenow, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. the best free 'non java' Forex chart is...???

    *it is a C++ app
    *you DO NOT have to open an account with them

    where is this type of chart and what is the website?
  2. nkhoi


  3. thanks Nkhoi!
  4. anyone looking to trade with free charts is an absolute joker of a trader

    that's like derek jeter looking to save a few bucks on bats by using a lower-grade wood

  5. It's more someone at his job trying to feed the need of trading adiction. In big corp you can't run some things beind the firewall or I dont dont what.
    Nothing wrong with that IMO.
  6. Paper and a pencil.
  7. The more lines I had on my chart, the less money I made.
    Free MT4, through any vendor, works fine for me.
    About 18 months ago, I ran a test with 4 diff. vendors price feeds and live charts running simultaneously, all were within a couple pips.
    MT4 has many indicators. Enough to make a losing trade look like it will become profitable, and that's the problem!