The best film ever

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  1. The holy grail of conspiracy films. It would have been better if the religious part had been left out because, in my opinion, it really doesn't fit in with the rest of the movie.
  2. Conspiracy but based on true…
  3. I am a retired aeronautical engineer and I have been worried about the crash into the Pentagon. Doesn't look right to me how a plane could be swallowed up like that.
  4. Wow!!! What an eye opener! I knew many o the facts given in this documentary though I thought that the ten commandments were forged from Nabouchath Nasar of enchant Babel of what is now know as Iraq.

    That s why I drooped my religion and became a pagan.

    Thank you for enlightening us with such thread.
  5. The above represents seven voices at the end of the movie.

    Notice the similarities between what I have always taught, and what they are saying.

    The spreading of these truths represents the dawning of light upon the mind that is the world, which is symbolized by December 25...the turning point from darkness to light.

    We have yet to get to "Easter", the time when light has most influence.

    Darkness is all about confusion in the mind. Light dispells darkness.

    There is but one mind that sinks into darkness. That mind - the Christ mind - we all share.

    The turning point was 2000 years ago...the "December 25th" of the darkened mind.

    In the illusion of time, that mind has many more years to go till light is all that is seen. But the dawn has arrived.