The best ES "day trading" mkts in years

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by DonKee, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. DonKee


    The "trendiness" combined with the ranges, is making this quarter one of the best for day-trading the ES in many years, for me.

    I am socking away a large per cent of my money for the "rainy day" when the chop returns and the ranges contract, but for now, may it continue, please.

    I hope all of you index traders are having record quarters for yourselves. :)
  2. the last three weeks have been better than the last part of 1999. been smacking the es minis daily, almost too easy.
  3. skim


    This is indeed a magical time to be trading ES. It's just like the period before the Iraq war, if any of you can remember back that far.

    Volatility is wonderful if you know when and where to use it. If you don't know, best wear brown trousers.

    Long may the current market conditions continue!
  4. Damn, I envy you guys!

    How long have you been trading?
  5. Paper trading or real trading? :D
  6. I've been trding since '98. Started trading eminis a little over 2 years ago
  7. real money. started paper in '97. exactly one yea to the day started with real money. been real money ever since(except when testing a new theory)
  8. Took you 8 years to move from stocks (I assume) to futures? I guess the first 5 years were losing years?
  9. "Took you 8 years to move from stocks (I assume) to futures? I guess the first 5 years were losing years?"

    No, not at all, the first few years were good years. i played stocks like YHOO, AMZN, DELL, QQQ. like everyone else playing the internet stocks were the best chances to get in stocks that were moving. Playing mostly stock splits and earnings. Then after a while I got sick of always trying to find the "next hot mover". I just did what all good traders should do, adjust the trading to what the market is giving you. A friend actually turned me onto the eminis, I was looking at starting currency but he was already trading eminis. Well, with a little chart adjustments from the Internet days, here we are trading the eminis.

    It is a lot like playing the moves of the late 90's Internet stocks. Not exactly the same but similar enough to make the