The best equity curve

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by a5519, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. a5519


    This is the best equity curve I can imagine.
  2. Is that how much you've paid in commissions...or are you the broker on the receiving end? :D
  3. I hope that's not just from some mechanical system bact testing. I knew a guy with a similar curve printout. He then tried to sale his system for 5k. But, never would trade it himself- Reason- The commisions, spreads, slippage would eat up the curve real time.
    Now if this is an actual trading account curve "Then rock on".

    Hope I don't sound like an ass- It's just that backtesting mechanical system's can be misleading.
  4. What your not seeing is that the vertical scale goes from 5,000 to 5,500.
  5. Sashe


    The title says "Cumulative Comissions" :D
  6. agreed

    This is a nice smooth equity curve.....with little drawdown.

    Michael B.
  7. I do not mean to be savantish......but the best imagined equity curve would be one that was an "exact straight line vertical" rising to infinity....

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    No, they can't read.
  9. LOL there could not be a drawdown possible in CUMULATIVE commissions since they are only received.

    Michael B.

  10. Is this representing what you paid in commish to your broker in 2001?


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