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  1. I looked, but don't know if this type of thread exists. I am very active and sometimes it really drains me. I exercise 1-3hr a day and do numerous activities (both mental and physical). This sometimes makes me tired during trading and makes it taxing on me. I've tried coffee, but don't like it. I really don't like using caffeine etc, but am willing to do it. I also don't party much etc, (and eat a very good and well rounded diet) so there is really nothing I can cut down on presently to make me more rested.

    So the question is- What's the best energy to take/drink while trading. Red Bull, is a small single dose. It works well, but is very expensive and does not taste that good. I like Monster and it's the same dosage of caffeine and Taurine as Red Bull (but double the dose for the same price). Is this probably the best thing one to keep me really focused (for price, flavor and amounts)? I'm not falling or sleep or anything while trading, but not focusing to par of my skills. What other recommendations for supplements do you guys use?
    Thanks a bunch and hope your trading good this morning.
  2. Try eating plenty of fruits during the day, best energy nature has provided for us!

    And if you're sometimes too exhausted, I can recommend ginger tea (tastes awful, but has tremendous effects on the metabolism) or brazilian guarana powder.
    Guarana is a (legal) herb from the Amazon jungle; basically, it contains caffeine. But unlike coffee or tea, the body absorbs the caffeine from the guarana much slower than is the case with coffee, tea or energy drinks. The result is that you don't have a sudden peak but rather al longer constant level of awareness. Also, you lose hunger (which is an effect I dislike).

    Here's more on guarana:
  3. I second the touting of guarana from Brasil, but other than that I suggest a change in your lifestyle. If you exercise 1-3h/day - then I hope some of this includes team sports. You are overdoing things in my opinion.

    Besides, caffeine and other amfetamine-class drugs makes the rest of your body accelerate and is very taxing on your inner organs. You should not use stimulants like this over a prolonged time, just check out for instance software developers. An UK firm even distributed amfetamine to it's programmers some years back.

    Here are some scientific effects of caffeine. You should really read absolutely all of this: .

    What you need is more rest/sleep (and quality-of-sleep), as you need this for your body to restitute itself between workouts. If you continue feeling drained, the effects will spill over into your trading, which could add to a really accelerated stress-level. A balanced life gives for the best concentration and performance trading the markets in my opinion. Necessity also is good for inspiration some times, but desperation is not.

    I used to work 7 days a week with problem-solving, software developement, administration, public relations, contacts, finances, socializing etc. Your brain never stops working, as opposed to manual labor. That's why you can relax by sitting mindlessly in front of the TV enjoying some show or film, but you'll quickly switch to work-related news or information. Manual labour sometimes gives a great satisfaction for us who usually just exercise our brains and butt on the office chairs.

    Prolonged over-tiredness and use of stimulants will give you some really scary periods of sleepiness and armageddon-proof deep sleeps. You might also experience increases in your heartbeat - with sudden races - like I did. And you should never mix with alcohol as this further aggrevates the effects, and many people have died from this. If your heartbeat goes over 180 or 200 when you're trying to sleep, your body is trying to tell you something, and you should visit the nearest hospital/ER ASAP. I had 2 scares with around 180+ BPM trying to sleep before I called it quits.
  4. i am drinking snapples new energy drink "sub zero" in a metal container. it works nicely without the side effects....

    surfer :)
  5. Yes Gringinho, I agree with sleep. I get enough, but mentally I use so much energy that it drains me sometimes. I know when enough is enough, but I don't want my trading to suffer because of it. My resting heart rate is around 45 because of running etc. But, I do feel heart racing effects if I drink Mountain Dew or something. I agree that I wish I did not need to. But right now I have to. I'm afraid of getting used to it and building a tolerance. I know it's bound to happen. I feel it's a sacrafice I must make for right now. I eat lots of vegetables etc. It might be that I'm also not consuming enough calories as I'm preparing for a race in June. I'll look into that Brazilan stuff. Sounds really cool.
  6. That are quite a few very good points Gringinho pointed out to:
    only use supplements such as as caffeine for a limited time - staying in shape mentally and physically are far more important in the long run, especially with regards to trading.

    BTW, I prefer Guaraná for nightlife (additionally reduced hunger), and ginger tea for day time. Try the tea, it's effects are almost unbelievable and far more healthier than caffeine products.
  7. Thanks Riskmanager for the insights and to the others that responded. It's so easy to just want to keep going at full throttle. I need to curb it a little I think. I'll also look into that tea (as I like tea much more than coffee.)
  8. Well, ginger tea basically has nothing in common with other teas, especially with regards to its taste. I can only bear it with lots of honey. But its worth it: it's effect on me at least is unlike caffeine - ginger tea powers me up full throttle. Unlike caffeine, it revitalizes the entire body. It's really hard to describe, just try it.
    I drink a brand from Thailand I buy from an Asian shop here.

    And if you're interested in keeping mentally in shape, I can strongly recommend the book "Unleashing the Warrior Within" from Richard J. Machowicz. And as an addition (NOT alternative!) his version for traders:

    Bye from Europe!

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    an apple in the morning gives you more energy than a cup of coffee...