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    My name is Carlos & I have been trading on and off for a few years now. After blowing a few account's & trying all the normal amateur ideas I have now come to the conclusion that any success I may have will be generated from support and resistance areas, using candle stick pattens for entry and exit?

    I have recently read some Steve Nison books & Trading the Zone by Mark Douglas, and completely understand the concept of thinking in probability's, as I owned a business for twelve years that worked exactly on those grounds, I truly believe in this as my business was successful and has allowed me to retire with a high six figure pension at the age of thirty six.

    My question is, what is going to give me the best edge? There seem to be hundreds of books out there, all with plenty of different trading ideas????? I think Trading The Zone was recommended to me on a trading forum & I was hoping for a recommendation for a good trading strategy book? I would be interested to know if anyone has comments on Short Term Trading Strategies That Work by Larry Conners & Robert C. Miner "High Probability Trading Strategies. Ideally I would prefer a book to work around the ideas I now feel are a realistic way to trade for profit.

    Thanks for reading my post.

  2. U2 has the best Edge.
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  4. Why do you want to trade then? You should be investing at this level, not trading, unless you are looking to pay for excitement.

    If you insist, get a program that will search for your edge based on your own criteria. Manual edge search just takes too long and no guaranty you will ever get it