The Best Documentary Trading of the World: Paul Tudor Jones

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by trader221, Jul 28, 2020.

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    fellow alma mater
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  3. saw this a while ago, he went from that to billionaire

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    30+ years ago. is seat of the pants still relevant?
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  5. Most significant thing I heard... "You risked $.10 to make $8".

    Can't often get those odds, but that's how good traders think.
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    Oh my gosh just watched this yesterday accidentally .. found on my old laptop desktop that works as a backup machine :-D
    "Watching Paul trade is sort of like watching a tennis player on speed ..." Jack Schwager
  7. Is this the film surfer was selling for $500? You had to act fast 'cause he only had about 10 "originals." :D
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  8. My man PTJ , a Wahoo if there was ever one
  9. That was fantastic
    Thank you for posting the video.
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  10. Scataphagos,

    Yes you right, I'm learning the hard way keep my RR greater than 1 whatever I do .
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