the best definition of trading edge on entire ET

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  1. this below are words of ET member called Tums,

    these words deserve a seperate thread

    usually people who are looking for strategies wants a "Red-Light/Green-Light" method. They will NEVER "get" it.

    A profitable strategy is NOT an art.
    A profitable strategy is NOT a science.

    A profitable strategy is a philosophy.

    To "get" it, you have to meditated it, live it, breathe it and experience it.
    You will not "get" it until you have transcend the mortal writings of rules and techniques.
    You will "get" it when you and the market are one. Instead of seeking signals from the market, the market will speak to you.

    pay particular attention to transcending mortal teachings

    he is saying in other words, either be original in your aproach to trading or go home

    you don't have to have original ideas when it comes to secret strategies, but you definatley want better than what is public knowledge
  2. In the words of the bard, "Rubbish, Absolute Rubbish."
  3. rubish if you don't get it, and it seems you don't kiwi

    I expect 90% of ET won't get Tums's quotes
  4. ahhh come on! What's wrong with Red-light, Green-light trading anyhow?

    I have heard so many good reports about WT on ET!
  5. "EDGE" = inside info and/or front-running.
  6. It deserves one more quote. I could not have said it better myself.. :cool: actually, I am sure no one else could've said it better either...

    The market must SPEAK to you... It is like that Horse Whisperer book (not the movie), you can speak to the horse and make it do whatever you want it to do. Just like that, the market speaks to you before it makes its move, it is you you gotta make ready to be able to hear it.
  7. See the problem with such approach is that fully automated systems can be profitable. Explain to me that one. You can make money 1000 different ways in the market.
  8. Wow.. what a retarded comment is this?

    Somebody had to design the profitable system. Thus, that somebody was able to decipher the market-speak and then automate it.

    All automated systems do end up being net losers eventually... & that would only mean that the machines weren't able to decipher the speak.
  9. fseitun


    You will not "get" it until you have transcend the mortal writings of rules and techniques.

    Does that mean the writing down rules and techniques is useless?
  10. Yeah, writing down rules and techniques are useless.

    The the very fact that you are writing it down makes it imprinted on your mental thoughts. Thus, after you write it enough times, it just kinda sticks to you and your thoughts.
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