The best day trading software.. a question for those who have tried them all

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    What software offers the most reliable, tradeable data and executions?

    What software offers the best way in and out of large positions rapidly (in and out of up to 80k share positions?)

    Who has the best access to dark pools?

    If you trade heavily and really like where you are at, please let me know what software you use and who your group is.

  2. Try RediPlus
  3. Ditto. Redi has really gotten good since Goldman took over a few years ago. Reliability is super. Linking, hot keys, etc. all good.

    I'm not a "fast and furious" "day" trader of course, but we have many. New features really help the guys who need speed.


  4. on the money

    on the money Guest

    Strategy Runner is REALLY fast.
    The charting however leaves something to be desired.
  5. Does anyone know if RediPlus is available to groups other than b/d's and prime accounts?

    I don't mean for the 50k trader, but if you have 500k-1MM, can you still use Redi for your trading or are you SOL.

    I have been looking for other b/d's that may offer Redi thru an introducing broker program but can't find any other than small Prime Brokers. And no, can go with Bright because he does not take retail and I am not licensed or will be licensed.

    Thx for any info
  6. Good question.
  7. Make that a double ditto. I'd be intersted to know if redi is available anywhere other than b/d also.
  8. Nope. You either clear GS/GSEC or you go without REDI+.

    Why are some opposed to a clearing correspondant to GSEC anyway? Hell all your money is still with GSEC and your paperwork comes from them also.
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  10. what rates are people paying for redi/gsec clearing ?
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