The best cheapest monitors??

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  1. My monitors are starting to fade-- Mass Monitor trees from 1998! I need to update ASAP--- looking for pre-owned 19 to 24 inch X 4 or 6 -- what's my best choice or does anyone have a set up for sale?? thank you, surf
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    monitors are the one thing that I wouldnt buy reman or used... I prefer to buy new, professional tier with 3 year warranty... but that is just me... I am certainly not el cheapo...
  3. Yeah, one thing you don't want to skimp on or buy used. Maybe buy higher quality like Eizo and go with fewer monitors.
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    You might look into 27" Korean branded 2560x1440 monitors with S-IPS panels - figure $300 to $450 each. You will likely need to upgrade your video card. Two of those will give you plenty of real estate. In fact, each of those 27" screens will be equivalent to 1.78 24" 1920x1080 panels.
  5. I'm a serious cheapskate when it comes to computer equipment. What would you recommend as bottom of the barrel but still adequate? Thanks, surf
  6. I have an extra 15' (hp) , if you live in NYC ,ill sell it to ya.
  7. I have 2 dozen 15inch in my basement--- want a set of 19 to 24 inches. 4 or 6 will work. I'll buy up to 8. Thanks.
  8. I've always bought Dell monitors bc of the 3 year warranty

    You can get 24 inch for around $220
    27's are around $360

    At Sams club you can get a 27 inch samsung for $298.

    23 inch DELL is around $160

    20 inch samsung are like $100 there

    just go look at Sams if you are wanting to save some dinero.

    If you want used look on craigslist in your town.
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