The Best Chart of 2009-2011

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    Pull up the 2- year S&P chart, study the price movements, and compare it to the chart linked below.

    Want to know the scariest thing?

    I made this chart in November 2009 (
    and predicted some major events (like for example, we had never had a sell-off greater than 8% at the time, and I called for a huge 25% crash WAY IN ADVANCE when the S&P reached 1235 which it did exactly that). It's one thing to call for a crash, but it's another thing to accurately predict every top and bottom within 1% over a very long 18 month period.

    Credits due to cycle theory which was applied throughout the chart.

    I didn't know it was so powerful until I looked back at this chart and my jaw dropped.

    True story.
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    Good! Like to see more of your predictions.