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  1. The best chart colors I've found happens to be this: Burried in a post somewhere on this forum.

    The JPEG compression artifacts make it very hard to tell the actual colors. Is anyone using this chart color scheme? Do you have the exact RGB values of the colors? Is there a grid tone that goes with this chart? chart.jpg
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    What software is that?
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    I avoid charts with dark red, as the color tends to blend with blood on my screens.
  4. Dark greens suck too, for those positions that have been stuck so long that they've grown moss.
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  5. I'm sure you can get those results with a screen dimmer. Just download one, they're free
  6. It's not the color of the red. Did anyone ever heard of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?

    Black background: Too Cold
    White background: Too Hot
    Somewhere in between: Just right (Baby Bear's porridge)

    When u encounter a chart with a non-black, non-white background color, it's something very novel! I have only ever seen two of these: Big Charts and the one in the first post!

    What I'm trying to say, all so-called professional chart softwares that come with black or white color schemes by default, they look very newbish to me eyes!!

    We're elite traders rmember? Should be using elite color schemes!
  7. Nah, black background is the least restraining on your eyes, and also looks the coolest. White will drive a man crazy!
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  8. Not true. Black is just as bad as white. Take your typical stock chart with (0,0,0) background color. Sprinkle a few bars of red (255,0,0) and green (0,255,0). Do you see the problem here? There's too much contrast (100%) between the background and chart data. This leads to a phenomenon which I call digital glare (produces strain on the eyes). White background has the opposite problem, if you're using colored bars. There is no (not enuf) contrast between the bars and background.

    So-called professional charting softwares with black or white default themes are actually noobie charting software!
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    NQ.png Oh yeah white background doesn't show the contrasts at all, and fib time & price projections don't work :confused: either:-
  10. You might try cyan on a black background. Candles also cyan.... outline and solid. My favs.
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