The best Career Choice for a Country with Aging Demographics

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  1. Obvious choices:

    Services for the Elderly?

    Alternative Health Care?

    Mobile type of services?

    In-Home Nursing care?

  2. mortician
    funeral home ownership
  3. Nurse
    Home grocery delivery
    Home repair and maintenance
    Cable TV provider

  4. Banjo


    Pickpocket, old people don't move very fast are easy to distract.
  5. Hey, be legit.... Evangilist.
  6. clacy


    Anything health care. High demand field and well compensated.
  7. JamesL


    cruise director
  8. One job I think would be really cool is to have a therapy dog. You bring your dog to the old folks home, people pet the dog, blab about the dog, you get tired, you leave with dog and go to the next place.

    Now I haven't figured out if or how these people are paid (maybe someone could sponsor you and the dog) but this sounds like a blast.

    I was visiting the hospital a couple weeks ago and a guy walked around with his therapy dog in the waiting room. People loved it.
  9. Banjo


    They are usually unpaid volunteer services, I've never seen one that was for profit. They use cats too.The animals really do make people happy.
    Hmm, sponsorship, never thought about that. If it could make it through the hoops to become a recognized charity,a legit deduction for the contributors, it may be viable.
  10. granny porn producer :eek:
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