THE BEST Canadian brokerage?????

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by kds, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. kds


    Hi, does anyone which one is the best brokerage for Canadians? I have Questtrade but they changed the platform...It sucks. Any recommendation? THX
  2. brad10


    What did they change to?
  3. Kirkx


    1) For stocks try Jitney Trade. They ditched AxisPro platform used by most other Canadian stock discount brokers long time ago and replaced it with Tradient platform. Unlike AxisPro, Tradient was said to have no outages.

    You can find more details in the first post at the link below.

    If you want to have Canadian Level 2 with quotes from Canadian ECNs in addition to TSX quotes, then you can look at Virtual Brokers. With their AxisPro platform (I don't remember how they nicknamed this thing) they used to offer exchange subscriptions for Alpha and Chi-X, I think.

    TD Waterhouse used to attract lots of traders because they didn't charge any ECN fees with their AxisPro platform (nicknamed Active Trader).

    Please do more research because I didn't touch Canadian stocks for over two years, so some of the info above may be outdated.

    2) For US futures try RJ O'Brien Canada. They offer CTS T4 platform which is probably better then Interactive Brokers' TWS.

    3) For forex and European and Asia-Pacific markets it's hard to beat Interactive Brokers Canada.

    I would also suggest to bookmark Financial Webring Forum. It might be a better source of information specific to Canada than ET, especially if you have questions about taxes or stock brokers.
  4. iamdom


    What don't you like about IQ. What problems are you having. I know the quotes are slightly delayed which is ridiculous. tell them you want to use pro again, you can at least for the next few months. Maybe by then iq will work properly.
  5. kds


    ^^To subcribe L2 & live chart, the fee from Questtrade is $89 per month. This way too expensive as I usually pay only $29.95. And the flaform is not well developed as Light Speed & is more for investors than traders imho.

    Thank to all replies, I appreciate it. Does anyone know who would charge around $29.99 for L2 & livechart, $4.99 per trade & a reliable brokerage that you are using? THX.