The best book on intermediate/long term investing?

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  1. AshanD


    If you had to pick only one book one book to read about intermediate to long term investing what would you reccomend? I'll list the two biggies that I know of:

    The Intelligent Investor - I have read a few critcisms about this one, namely that it is a bit outdated and some of Warren buffet's offerings ("The Warren Buffett Way", "Buffetology") are more suited for today's market.

    How To Make Money In Stocks - The CANSLIM system sounds promising but this book doesn't seem to get the acclaim that Intelligent Investor does.

    Any recommendations for those books or any others are welcome!

  2. For a clear overall picture, read:

    Stocks for the long run
    Jeremy Siegel
  3. mokwit


    Investing for Appreciation by L.L. Angas.

    You may consider it outdated though as it was written in 1932.

    Currently out of print again and available secondhand on Amazon for 77 cents. Considering how low the herd values it and the low percentage of the herd that make money, what finer recomendation could there be?
  4. mbv


    investment valuation
    is also a goodie
  5. I'm totally blanking on the author/title, but I read a book on valuation/evaluation that mentioned sales growth and price/sales ratio as far more important than eps growth and p/e ratio... great advice IMHO. Search on Amazon for "valuation" and "price/sales" yields 22 results:"price/sales"&Go.x=0&Go.y=0&Go=Go
  6. "The Money Game" by Adam Smith is an eye opener.

    This is a book about the market of the 60's, but it applies to any market. It shows that nothing is new. The chapter on accounting could have described Enron perfectly.

    If you're a young trader (say under 35 that's only seen a bull market), it'll give you a good historical perspective. The term "synergy" for example, wasn't something created in the 90's. The reviews on Amazon give a good overview.